Our aspiration at Debre Genet Medhane Alem is to reaffirm the teachings of our Faith; embedded in the theology of "Tewaihdo" which means, "made one" in our Ethiopian language. This is the basis of our faith, which holds true the inseparable unity of the Godhead and manhood in the Person of Christ. We believe in the Holy Trinity, in one Baptism and the Resurrection of the dead. We are true believers in the Virgin Mary being the Mother of God.

Our Church offers the teachings of Christ through the sacred Liturgy and Mass conducted in Ge'ez, the ancient classical and liturgical language of Ethiopia. We learn and live the teachings of Jesus Christ and our Tewahido Faith. We worship, witness, serve and offer fellowship to all. We do this by caring for family, friends, and others, by comforting those in need and encouraging each other toward a strong moral and spiritual life.

Our Sunday Services begin at 5:00 am followed by Mass at 6:30 am .

We invite you to sample the various ministries offered at Debre Genet. These include the twice yearly celebration of the Savior "Medhane Alem", midnight Christmas and Easter masses, the Mothers' and Fathers' Day fellowship events and much more.

Melake Genet Lisane Work Woubu
Head Priest, Debre Genet Medhane Alem Ethiopian Orthodox Tewaihdo Parish

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